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    Post MUTop100 Bugs/Issues

    Hi admin. Found some issues inside game.


    1. Sylvester zone closed even if he was killed. The problem was on server 1 at first but it occurred on server 2 as well. Also, not sure if this was bug but Sylvester doesn't drop item sometimes.
    2. Bless of light(xp buff) and cherry rice cake doesn't work. Not sure if other consumables were bugged too.
    3. Darkness Map - Boss zone: Upon entering the zone, the monsters show up but eventually disappear after a sec. This happen sometimes. Can't find them anywhere inside the zone. Tried going in and out again but they won't show up.
    4. 3D view on Acheron - Nars. Zooming out the view causes the background to float, overlapping the entire map. Can't see the road but the characters and monsters are visible.
    5. Boss/Miniboss issue. In a situation where you got dced/exiting server while hitting Boss/Miniboss and going back again to kill them makes the ownership of that boss/miniboss' rewards locked out. You won't get the wcoin/goblin points after killing them and you will have a locked out time on drops because it says that it doesn't belong to you.
    6. Other things:
    - Summoner skill Paralyze don't do anything. No damage no slow
    - Kondar doesn't work on fourth wings
    - There are condor and loch magic solution on Ruud Shop but no solution available for Garuda magical bubble.
    - Errtel option errors can be seen on Pentagram from the shop in Lorencia.(it says database error)

    Some things to consider
    - Summoner dmg too low compare to the other classes(PVM/PVP). Please consider this because on the current gameplay, summoners don't have ruud version of books.
    - Please lessen the monsters on loren deep event.
    - I think GM events are needed to keep players entertained. I can help if you want

    I'll update the thread if I encountered another bug. Thank you!
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