Hey there again.
Im sad to say that, but after the new patch the game started to be more unplayable.
5 times in a row i didnt get any drop from bosses (Ferea, Nix and others), maybe im just unlucky ok.
Ferea now give 500 GP its so sad, with no drop at all.
the Wizardy dmg nerf be 40% its to much, the defence nerf is unreal, im good full opt items and Nix(Boss) almost one shot me.
how other ppl's supposed to do it. and if you did kill him at the end of the day, you will get not drop.
example: My low elf doing more dmg then my high Wizard. i guess its should work like that ok.
I dont know if its a bug or it should work like that but Jewel Of Kondar not giving Full opt on Ruud items and not on Awakening items aswell.
Admin please put some bundle of life, Creation in xshop so we can make some offer.
im loving the server dont get me wrong, but it feels now more unbalanced then balanced.
the goal is to make more online and not less.

Thanks, Good Luck, Have Fun.

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