What is RUUD?
- RUUD is a kind of currency that is used for purchasing BloodAngel items. It's basically like zen but with far more value.

Why should we get RUUD?
You need RUUD to buy Bloodangel items from Priest James at Elbeland 32 239

What are exactly these BloodAngel Items?
Bloodangel items are the latest content in MU Season 10 and is by far, the most overrated and are considered as the "End-Game" item/set on most servers. They can be upgraded to 3 classes. The maximum evolution of the BloodAngel sets are called "Awakening" Sets. These sets offers an option similar to ancients but with much much better options such as higher ignore defense, double damage and even triple damage rate in some characters.

Where can we get RUUD?
This is the fun part. You can get RUUD mostly at in-game events such as Blood Castle and Devil Square but in order to receive RUUD, you must enter a specific level of Blood Castle or Devil Square. As of the moment, the confirmed BC and DS levels that gives RUUD starts at Level 6 and above.

Anything else that we can get from high level BC and DS?
Yes! It's not just RUUD that can be earned from entering BC and DS. Here at FunzMU, you can earn WCOIN from these high level events varying from 5WC per specific mob kill (Balrog) and it doesn't stop there. There is a huge boss waiting inside the crystalized weapon. A Kundun is waiting inside. This Kundun drops ancient items and also gives WCoins upon killing it.

Image of Kundun at Blood Castle 6

Word of Advice: You must have a party or killing Kundun will consume your whole event time trying to kill it solo.